The Rutland Railroad Historical Society welcomes membership from those who have an interest in the history and operations of the former Rutland Railroad. Basic dues are $20.00US and entitle a member to receive four issues of the Society’s quarterly journal, “The Newsliner”. Those who wish to offer an increased level of support for RRHS and its activities may choose to take out, or renew their membership at the Contributing ($25), Family ($30) or Sustaining ($35) levels. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Membership is based on the calendar year. In that year, you will receive the four issues of The Newsliner for that year. For example, 2020 is Volume 32 of the magazine. Regardless of printing schedule, if you are a member for 2020, you will receive all four issues for that year, whenever they are printed.


The 2021 membership year begins in 2021 with the mailing of the Spring issue (V33,N1) of The Newsliner and expires with the mailing of the Winter issue of The Newsliner (V33,N4).

2021 membership is due.

Applications for membership should be addressed to the following:

Bill Badger, RRHS Membership Chair
99 Sleepy Hollow, Manchester Center, VT 05255

or by clicking here to email.

The form is for NEW and RENEWING members. Please indicate on the form which you prefer. You can also renew for missed years meaning you will receive the back issues.

Download the 2021 Membership Form here


The Rutland Railroad Historical Society maintains a general policy whereby it does not sell or offer membership information to any other group or individual for any purpose. However, information from your application form and subsequent renewal or change of information forms may be used for internal purposes by the Society (e.g., mailing convention information). Members seeking contact with other members should email the Membership Chair with their contact information so that the Membership Chair can pass the contact on to the person you seek.