When looking at switch lists from the Rutland, a station number code was used as a short form for moving cars to and from locations. Below is from the “1906 Agents and Station List” which has the station agent seal numbers.

Station Name Station Number Telegraph Symbol
Ogdensburg 0  O
Lisbon 9  SB
Madrid 17  XY
Norwood 25  J
Knapps 28  KE
Winthrop 36  CD
North Lawrence 41  UA
Moria 47  MR
Brushton 50  XU
Bangor 55  KQ
Malone 61  AK
Malone Junction No Number  MO
Burke 69  BE
Chateaugay 73  UG
Cherubusco 81  UF
Clinton Mills 83  CQ
Ellenburgh 89  BR
Forest 91  FG
Irona 94
Altona 97 AO
Mooers Forks 103  VC
Mooers Junction 106  JU
Champlain 113 MC
Rouses Point 118  RP
Alburgh 122
Isle LaMotte 128
North Hero 134
Grand Isle 142
South Hero 146
Burlington 159
Shelburne 166
Charlotte 171
North Ferrisburgh 175
Ferrisburg 178
Vergennes 180
New Haven Junction 185
Beldens 191
Middlebury 193
Salisbury 200
Leicester Junction 204
Brandon 210
Fowler 216
Pittsford 217
Proctor 220
Center Rutland 225
Rutland 226
North Clarendon 229
East Clarendon 233
Cuttingsville 236
East Wallingford 239
Mount Holly 242
Summit 245
Healdville 246
Ludlow 252
Proctorsville 255
Cavendish 256
Gassetts 261
Chester 265
Bellows Falls 279

Addison Branch

Station Name Station Number Telegraph Symbol
Whiting A3
Shoreham A6
Orwell A9
Ticonderoga A16

Bennington Branch

Station Name Station Number Telegraph Symbol
Clarendon B6
Ballingford B9
South Wallingford B14
Danby B18
North Dorset B22
East Dorset B26
Manchester B31
Sunderland B38
Arlington B41
Shaftsbury B45
South Shaftsbury B51
North Bennington B53
Bennington B57
Petersburgh Junction B69
Petersburgh B75
North Petersburgh B70
Berlin B80
Center Berlin B82
South Berlin B85
North Stephentown B88
Stephentown B90
Lebanon Springs B95
New Lebanon B97
Center Lebanon B98
Brainard B104
West Lebanon B101
Old Chatham B108
Rayville B106
Chatham B114

Rutland & Noyan Branch

Station Name Station Number Telegraph Symbol
Noyan Junction C-88

Special thanks to RRHS member John LaBarre for providing the research for this page.