Rocket Era Rutland?

Warren Dodgson wrote a piece titled “Gone Ballistic” in Volume 7, Number 4 of the RRHS magazine, “The Newsliner”. The article goes into much detail about the Cold War era ballistic missile(ICBM) sites that dotted along the US/Canada Border in Northern New York and Vermont. All of the sites in this area were part of the Plattsburgh Air Force Base in nearby Plattsburgh, New York (D&H country).

Sites were located at Swanton(VT), Alburgh(VT), Champlain(NY), Moores(NY) and Ellenburgh(NY). Some of the materials for the construction of the bases were shipped on the Rutland to the stations closest to the site. Some parts of the Atlas ICBM rockets were shipped via the Rutland as well, but no mention is made in the article if actual Nuclear material was shipped by rail.

This Cold War relics are no longer in service, lasting only until the mid-1960’s and their disposition are unknown.

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